The #MomSpiration Series: #7

MOM You are really awesome. The way you protect me The way you guide me The way you pamper me The way you support me Makes me feel so special. No one in this world Can love me more than you And it’s true. I just want to let u know You mean the world … Continue reading The #MomSpiration Series: #7


The #MomSpiration Series: #6

Words are never enough to explain / are always scarce in providing the fulfillment of the word ‘Mother’. MOTHER = Miraculous Outstanding Tangible Harmonious Earthly Real  Every Mother is : Pure form of Patience Soul of Sacrifice Symbol of selfless love Alluring hearted Mother is the one, who is the specialised in all professions for … Continue reading The #MomSpiration Series: #6

The #MomSpiration Series: #5

Kaise bhoolun wo din MAA jab mehndi tunne mujhko lagwaye the, Mere zindagi ki sari khushiyan MAA haste haste tunne dilwaye the, Tab na Jana tha maine MAA kitna mushkil tere leyye wo pal hogga, Jab Doli pe roti ankhon se MAA tune mujhe bhejawaya hogga, Ajj jab khud MAA banke jaana maine ki ek pal ki duri bhi mujhe satati hai, Sochti hoon ki tu itne … Continue reading The #MomSpiration Series: #5