Tricolor Distributed Among Children of govt schools, to Communities and Biocon Group’s staff amidst the singing of the National Anthem and National Song

The Biocon Group participated in the Diamond Jubilee (75 years) celebrations of India’s Freedom over three days. The Har Ghar Tiranga campaign, initiated by the Government of India, had a good response; the Biocon Group of companies came together to distribute 30,000 flags among school children, their parents, general public and Biocon’s employees.

The employees of Biocon had fanned out across the major government schools in the vicinity of the Biocon campus to ensure the schoolchildren got to understand the true meaning of Freedom and the background of the freedom struggle. The enthusiasm of the heads of the schools and the teachers was palpable and seemed to have got imprinted onto the future leaders. Schools in Huskur, Hennagara and Yerandahalli panchayats respectively reverberated with the messages and colors of patriotism.

Not just the villages, many of the denizens living in the city municipal corporation of Hebbagodi too partook in the celebrations and they were given the Tricolor through the Hebbagodi primary and secondary schools.

On the 12th of August, Biocon Foundation and Biocon’s employees distributed the National Flag at several locations. The function at the Huskur Secondary School saw the participation of the panchayat president and other panchayat members where they received the flags from the Foundation. The flags were distributed among the students and their parents too after singing of the National Anthem.

Biocon’s team then moved to Hebbagodi, distributing the flag at the primary school where the children celebrated the Independence Day event with song, music and dance recitals interpreted for the occasion. The children and a few parents present were also given the National Flag after the singing of the National Anthem.

The children of secondary school were not left behind. Though government schools are synonymous with the respective local languages everywhere, a secondary school student showed off her prowess in English by giving a speech on Independence Day in English. This was an initiative of the school headmaster who believes it’s important for the students to communicate well in English as it would help them compete in the global market.

Hebbagodi also saw the local distribution of the flags. The flags were distributed in the Hebbagodi colony and in the area surrounding the Hebbagodi Lake. Biocon has had a long-standing relationship with the Hebbagodi Lake. Biocon gave the lake a second life by reviving it in 2019 using the newest technologies and modern methods. Biocon continues to maintain and manage the lake using scientific methods while continuously monitoring and ensuring the health of the lake and its water.

On the engagement, Hebbagodi CMC Commissioner Shwetha Bai said, “We have worked with Biocon Foundation on several projects, including the rejuvenation of the Hebbagodi Lake. The rejuvenated lake now meets the needs of the people living in and around the lake. This initiative builds a sense of duty among the people towards preserving and conserving our country’s natural resources.”

Biocon Foundation is proud to be a part of the Har Ghar Tiranga campaign to mark India’s 75th Independence Day and have distributed the national flag among households in Huskur, Hebbagodi, Hennagara and Yarandahalli to encourage the common man to proudly display the Tricolour at home. We are happy to have created awareness on our national flag with the communities with whom we have been working over the years through various initiatives aimed at ensuring better healthcare and education, environmental management and ecological conservation. We believe in giving the best back to the community,” said Dr Anupama Shetty, Mission Director, Biocon Foundation.

The group from Biocon then moved to Hennagara taking the spirit of the Freedom and its meaning to the students of the Hennagara Government High School there. The Hennagara school probably had the grandest Independence Day celebrations. The function saw a march past by the school’s band and marching students put on an impressive show. The band welcomed the guests who included senior Biocon officials and Biocon group representatives.

The panchayat president of Hennagara, Smt. Pappamma Pappanna, in her address thanked Biocon for its efforts to improve the condition of the school and the education provided to the students.

The senior Biocon officials not only addressed the students, but also distributed the Tricolor among them. The students were addressed by the panchayat head and the Biocon Group representatives. The passionate addresses to the students were infused with messages of patriotism and impassioned pleas for them to dedicate themselves to the service of the nation. They were told how they can reach the skies with hard work as personified by a top Biocon official who himself had studied in a government school.

Helping Biocon in its efforts were the denizens of the city. Many of the shops lining the streets where Biocon’s employees distributed the flags, especially in Hebbagodi, began to display their flags with pride almost immediately at their storefronts after receiving the flags. Many of the shops vying to have the most visible flag on the street, the highest vantage point from where the flag could flutter, which they did for three days.

Most of those who received the flags had no patience in listening to the instructions on how to treat the flag during the three days and at the end of the day on August 15, on Monday. The flags and the flag poles to go with it were distributed to people who accepted them with great eagerness. The flags fluttered with pride for three days on every shopfront.

The movement, implemented through Biocon’s CSR arm Biocon Foundation, saw the participation of all the Biocon Group of Companies, including Biocon Limited, Biocon Biologics Limited and Syngene International Limited while participating in the ‘Har Ghar Tiranga’. It isbeingcelebrated as part of the year-long celebration of the 75th year of India’s Independenceas ‘Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav’.

Biocon Foundation, the principal channel for Biocon Group’s corporate philanthropy to build sustainable solutions that promote social and economic inclusion, spearheaded the distribution of the Tricolor among members of the local communities, anganwadi workers and the children present, students and teachers in government schools in the three Panchayats of Anekal taluk.

The joy knew no bounds on the faces of the children while receiving the Tricolor.

“We provide the small children with a healthy environment that’s necessary for overall development. We conduct health check-ups of the small children at our anganwadi,” said a caretaker at an anganwadi in Anekal taluk.

The flags distributed by the Foundation were received by students of 60 schools, residents of 15 villages across locations in Electronic City, Huskur and Jigani Industrial areas in the neighbourhood of Biocon Group companies’ campuses, through Panchayats and Village representatives. The students received the flags from Biocon’s senior management, panchayat members and officials after singing the National Anthem and the National Song.

Tricolour distributed amongst Panchayat members and students of Huskur Government Primary School and Huskur Government Secondary school

Students and panchayat members of Hennagara and Hennagara Government high school celebrating essence of Independence day through Har Ghar Tiranga

Biocon Group volunteers distributing tiranga in the communities across hebbagodi

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