Type 1 diabetes (formerly known as juvenile or childhood-onset and insulin-dependent) is a chronic disease characterized by dysregulated insulin production and therefore, necessitates daily administration of insulin. Various symptomatic manifestations are excessive thirst (polydipsia), excessive urination (polyuria), weight loss, constant hunger, fatigue and vision changes.

Managing Type 1 diabetes can seem like a daunting task during day-to-day busy life. However, by following a few simple strategies, one can easily manage to stay on track and live well.

32-year old John is a type-1 diabetes patient, however, he is not only living with this disease, rather thriving and not letting it affect his life. John is a responsible man who believes in following a disciplined lifestyle so that his disease never gets to control him.

There are several thing we can learn from John on how to manage Type 1 diabetes:

  • Leading a disciplined life – As soon as he wakes up, John has a habit of monitoring his blood glucose level. This gives him an idea about his blood sugar levels for the previous night. He takes a light pre-workout meal and goes for a brisk walk for 45 minutes. Thrice a week, he also does strength training at home. In addition, John ensures he has a healthy breakfast comprising of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats. John is highly disciplined too. He maintains a diabetes kit which has his insulin and other medications. He carries this kit wherever he goes so that he never misses his dose.
  • Socializing mindfully – John doesn’t believe in being reckless when he is out partying with his friends or colleagues. He ensures he doesn’t consume alcohol or junk food and always strives to eat healthy. Besides, he also keeps away from smoking as smoking can put a diabetic at risk of other debilitating disorders.
  • Resting adequately – John makes it a point to devote some time to himself at the end of each day to relax and recalibrate. He reads a book or plays a game. He is also very particular about hitting the bed on time and sleeping for at least 8-9 hours. On rare occasions when he is sleep deprived, John finds it challenging to regulate his blood sugar levels.
  • Driving responsibly – John never forgets to check his blood sugar level before getting behind the wheel. In case his blood sugar levels are low, he always takes a cab or reaches out to a friend to drive him.

Takeaway – Managing Type 1 diabetes may seem overwhelming, however, with some planning, discipline and right mindset, one can manage it easily and live a wholesome life.

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