People with diabetes can enjoy a good quality of life and reduce their risk of serious even life-threatening complications by making a commitment to follow a proper, lifelong care plan to manage their condition.

As diabetes is a complex disease to manage, Biocon Biologics spoke to several nurses to get accurate and useful diabetes management tips that patients can apply to cope with the condition.

With a cumulative expertise of 76 years, these nurses had recommendations and suggestions for eating healthy, managing wounds, maintaining emotional health, as well as, diabetes care in the time of COVID-19.

Tips for Better Emotional Health with Diabetes

Diabetes Care in the Time of COVID-19

Tips for Managing Diabetes when Staying Alone

Tips for People on Insulin

Tips for Preventing Diabetes-Related Complications

Tips for Proper Foot Care In Diabetes

Tips for Healthy Eating in Diabetes

Diabetes is essentially a self-managed disease and therefore requires patients to have a degree of autonomy and motivation to successfully perform optimal self-management. Nurses can provide autonomy support to their patients to enhance their success in disease management behaviours. They can play a key role in educating patients about the disease and how to manage it effectively, helping them in understanding and sticking to a treatment regime, and determining the right dose and way of administration of insulin.

Biocon Biologics is supporting IDF’s WDD 2020 campaign that focuses on promoting the role of nurses in the prevention and management of diabetes.

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