Captain Vikram Batra joined the Jessore Company of Manekshaw Battalion and was commissioned into 13 JAK Rifles, an infantry Regiment well known for its intrepid soldiers and numerous battle exploits in 1994. He was fondly recollected to be fearless from a young age.

“Either I will come back after hoisting the Tricolour (Indian flag), or I will come back wrapped in it, but I will be back for sure,” he told his friend.

Captain Vikram Batra

Immensely popular amongst his classmates, Capt. Batra was an all-rounder at school and was keen on joining the Indian Army at a very young age. It dint come to a surprise for his family when he started preparing for the Combined Defence Services (CDS) examinations. He also had been offered a job in the Merchant Navy by a Hong Kong-based firm. He had everything ready and even got his uniform stitched. But changed his mind and chose to serve the Indian Army instead.

A decade later, the company paid a tribute to him. The caption read:

“Sometimes an ordinary Indian can make a Rs 120,000 crore company feel humble. For every step we take, there’s an inspired Indian leading the way.”

Letter Written by Capt. Batra to his identical twin

Capt. Batra reported for duty at Kargil on 1st June 1999. 18 days later he was ordered to recapture Point 5140 in his first major battle in the war. Despite the enemy having an altitude advantage, Cpt led his team with a brilliant tactical assault on the enemy, which strengthened the Indian hold on the territory.

Elated that all his men made it alive, Vikram told his commander at the base –

“Yeh Dil Maange More”

After the capture of the Pt 4875

Capt Batra’s next operation was one of the most difficult ones. To capture Point 4875 that was at 17,000 ft, with icy slopes. The Pakistani troops had positioned themselves at 16,000 ft. On the night of 9th July, Capt. Batra and his men began the treacherous climb. The opponents knew who Sher Shah (Capt’s code name), by then. Capt. Batra & his companion Anuj Nayyar counter-attacked ferociously, engaging in a hand to hand combat clearing the enemy bunkers and making the shocked enemy retreat.

The mission was almost over when heavy firing hit Capt. Batra in the chest while saving his mate.

Capt. Batra’s legacy lives on and is one of the most celebrated stories in the force. He was celebrated with the Param Vir Chakra in 2000.


Lest Shall We Forget…

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Link to a letter he had written to his twin:

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