Major Ramaswamy Parameswaran was commissioned into the 15 Mahar of the famed Mahar Regiment of the Indian Army. His unit was tasked for the Operation Pawan in 1987, which was a part of the Indian Peace Keeping force in Sri Lanka, as per the Indo-Srilankan Agreement to help tackle the LTTE militants in the country.

Major Ramaswamy Parameswaran

Earlier that year the militants were to surrender but backed out and declared war against the Indian forces. Maj. Parameswaran ’s team was tasked with a search mission in Jaffna where the LTTE had a stronghold.

On the fateful night of 25th Nov 1987, Maj Parameswaran and his team were on their way to trace a consignment of arms at the hideout of the LTTE militants when they were taken by surprise. A group of heavily armed LTTE militants ambushed them.

They had advanced weapons like the AK 47s & heavy machine guns. Maj quickly assessed the gravity of the situation and he gave a counter-ambush to save his men. He along with his 10 men fought ferociously.

The Indian Peacekeeping Force in Sri Lanka

He dropped himself on his stomach in a coconut grove and crawled forward in the direction of the ambush taking the militants by surprise that they had been surrounded by Major’s men. But then a heavy Machine Gun(HMG) burst from a sniper sitting atop a coconut tree that hit Major’s wrist, almost severing it. Undeterred, he plunged to the closest militant and grabbed his HMG, and shot him dead.

However, there was heavy firing from the other side and a bullet shot right through his chest. He did not let the pain overcome him. Even as he was slowly plunging into his death, he kept giving orders to his soldiers. The ambush was finally over and 5 militants were killed in the attack.


Statue Erected in the Memory Of Major Parameswaran

Major Ramaswamy Parameswaran was awarded the Param Vir Chakra for his valor and undaunted bravery.


Lest Shall We Forget…

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