Mom, you are always Mom

I am ever greatful to you, because you only brought me here

Am I not responsible, for taking you along with me, my dear?

You laughed only once, when I was crying when born,

But never afterwards, whenever I used to cry for my life’s thorn

You love me so much, as if I am the whole world to you,

It is unfair if I don’t show you outer world to you, whatever I can

It is you who gave me bread & butter all these years

I don’t want to see your eyes for any reason, filled with tears

Mother, for every child, you are the first teacher

You mold us to lead life, not to become cheater

We have seen many good moms with bad children,

We never found any good children with bad Moms

Since god cannot exist everywhere, he created Mother

We should make her feel proud for what we are

Sorry, Mom, we are calling you by the word which means Dead body

Even a calf calls its mother as AMBA, noticed by anybody?


Babu V works as a Senior Executive in Quality Department of Biocon


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