She gave me Wings to Fly by Nairita Chatterjee 

Maa..that was the first word I uttered. She says since the day I started to talk I have been non stop but I guess she does realise that my first word is the most used one, Maa. While growing up I have got the maximum beatings unlike my sister, but it was Maa who made it up after each one. I still remember the time I told her I want to go to Bangalore, I realised she was sad but she never let that come on her face lest my tear ducts will burst open! Every time I am coming back from home, the last night is a tough one, she does not say this but I know. She is my support system and my weakness at the same time. She has very simple dreams she does not believe in big cars, houses all she wants us to be good human beings but all I want is to be like her. Yes we have our fights, ugly ones, but a daughter realises that her mother is right by the time she has one!

Happy Mother’s Day to the most special woman in my life! You will always be the one I need even when I am 90 I guess! 


Nairita Chatterjee works as an executive in the Fill Finish Department of Biocon

2 thoughts on “The MomSpiration Series: #3

  1. Mothers don’t have limits for love on her children, U expressed about a bond with ur mom in beautiful way,that shows how much ur mom miss u…


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