Do you reminisce about the days when you would spend countless hours on a beach with your beloved, or the weekends when you would have a latte or a drink with your buddies on rooftop cafes? Seems like last century and one wonders if we will ever get to spend time outdoors with our loved ones without worrying about contracting the deadly infection.

The physical distancing and isolation are getting to most of us, however, we don’t have to beat ourselves up. We can still figure out ways to remain connected to people who matter, in spirit, if not in person. This is a golden opportunity to tell your loved ones how much they matter to you.

Some of the ways you can strengthen your bonds even amidst the lockdown and physical distancing are discussed in this article in an endeavor to uplift your spirits and bring out a shift in your perspective.

Have fun meal times – While a lot of people have resumed offices, many are still working from home. If that is the case with you, plan your day in such a way so that you have at least one meal with your family to decompress


Call, don’t text – Yes, as simple as it appears to be, it was never so critical. Texting can get time-consuming and people tend to get into assumptions. Set a goal of calling at-least 2 -3 people every single day. Even better if you could manage video calls


Video get-togethers – You could fix a day or two in a week and invite your friends over a video platform using Zoom, Microsoft teams, or any such application. You could play age-old fun games like antakshari, scrabble, tombola, or anything fun. You could also have a Netflix watch party to make things even more interesting


  • Online hobby groups – There must be something about which you are passionate. It could be writing, sketching, baking, or anything. You could join an online group on sites like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit which will allow you to be a part of live sessions, make new friends, and upskill.

V211-social media

COVID-19 has recalibrated our perspective. We can no longer take anything or anyone for granted. So while we are blessed to be safe and alive, let us put in some efforts in reaching out to those who really matter, for life is so unpredictable.

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