Precautions that you must take to keep yourself safe

As India enters the three-phased unlocking to open up the economy post the COVID-related lockdown, it is expected that a lot of us will soon join our colleagues already working from the office. As we do that, it is important to be even more vigilant so as not to trigger a major spike in coronavirus-positive cases in the country. Therefore, we must follow certain precautions religiously while joining back our workplaces.

Safety and protection kit


Don’t forget to carry a safety and protection kit before you step out. This kit must include a few disposable face masks, hand gloves, hand sanitizer, toilet seat sanitizer, liquid soap, wet wipes, and dry tissue papers. Whenever you can’t wash your hands, use a hand sanitizer. Always sanitize the toilet seat before using it. If the washroom has a soap bar, use liquid soap for washing hands. Gloves can be used whenever you have to use the shared stuff like coffee dispenser, printer, office phone, water dispenser, etc. Tissue papers can come handy when you have to wipe your face or when you feel like sneezing or simply for wiping hands.

Commuting to work


You must not forget to wear a face mask and gloves while traveling to work. In case you are using public transport, avoid using cash and use e-wallets and other online methods of payment. As soon as you reach the office, wash your hands thoroughly, and replace your mask and gloves.

Staying away from groups


The excitement of getting back to work and meeting colleagues is understandable, however, we should act mindfully. First of all, we should greet each other from a distance. Secondly, we should avoid taking a coffee, lunch, or restroom break together as that can increase the risk of infection. Avoid using the elevator and take stairs, as much as possible. When you have to discuss something with the entire team, encourage them to come online and use a meeting tool like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Skype to facilitate the discussions. Maintain the principles of physical distancing at all times.

Ramp up your hygiene practices


Now that you are going to resume office, you might be touching multiple surfaces, knowingly or unknowingly, like bus windows, lift buttons, doorknobs, etc. It is thus critical that you wash your hands frequently and if washing is not feasible, scrub your hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer. Also, avoid touching your face. Frequently clean your keyboard, mouse, laptop, mobile, keychain, stationery, etc, to mitigate the spread of infection.

Follow these basic precautions, to ensure the safety of yourself, your loved ones, and your colleagues.



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