When the lockdown was announced, a lot of couples staying together felt blessed and thought they were in some long-drawn honeymoon. However, staying together 24/7 is bringing up a lot of challenges to the fore. Disturbing loud meetings, taxing internet bandwidths, uneven distribution of chores are leaving people flustered and a bit frustrated.

Young girl distracts man from work.

How can you preserve the harmony in your relationship while maintaining your peace and sanity, if both of you are expected to put in a full day of work remotely?

Some tips for making the most of your relationship are given here under:

Prioritize self-care: It is impossible to tend to others if you don’t look after yourself first. Invest a few hours every day on strengthening your fitness, resilience, and overall wellbeing.


Establish individual workspaces away from each other: Ensure each one you has enough privacy to completely focus on your work. You may occupy different rooms, however, if there is a space constraint, you may work different hours.

Morning Of Happy couple working from home

Be mindful of each other’s time and space: Everyone needs some ‘Me Time’ to rejuvenate, therefore, there must be a balance of doing things together and spending time on individual interests.

Enjoying Peaceful Weekend

Don’t assume your partner knows what you’re thinking: This is the first time we are living through a pandemic, so we don’t have any manual to guide us. It is thus important to open up to each other and deal with the emotional angst together. It is unfair to assume that your partner knows everything that’s going on in your mind.

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Plan a date night: Being together all the time doesn’t mean that you stop spending quality time together. Once or twice a week, cook a special dinner, dress up, listen to an audiobook or watch an online movie together.

Young couple having a romantic evening with a glass of red wine

Divide household chores: If you are taking care of kids, parents, or pets, you might want to have a daily or a weekly discussion with your partner about dividing chores. Executing your chores will alleviate stress and strengthen your bond further.


Practice gratitude: Once in a while showing appreciation to each other can do wonders. Saying a simple ‘Thank You’ and telling your partner about how grateful you are can help cement the bond.

Happy couple chatting in the kitchen on sunny morning

Don’t forget the sense of humor: These are uncertain times so humor can be a saving grace. Partners who find the same things humorous have super strong relationships!

Couple at lunch or dinner

Coexisting amicably with your partner during this stressful time can be challenging, however, a little empathy, some space and some thoughtful actions can do wonders to your relationship!

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