India and the U.S. are witnessing a deepening of ties with a convergence of views on many issues.

India is rapidly emerging as a preferred economic and technology partner for the US. India IT and pharma companies have made significant investments and have created jobs in the US. These investments signal a growing economic interdependence between the two countries.  Add to that an economically and numerically strong Indian-American community with valuable skill-sets active in not merely business and finance but also in policy-making and implementation.

The closeness between the two nations comes at a time when both countries are facing unprecedented challenges in healthcare. Whilst India is trying to cope with the rapid rise in non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and respiratory disease, the US is grappling with unsustainable escalation in healthcare costs.

A strong US-India partnership can play a pivotal role in encouraging the kind of innovation, research and technology that could come up with solutions to the problems facing both nations.

Keeping this in mind, International Leaders Summit, a US-based think tank, hosted the inaugural US-India Leaders Summit at The National Press Club in Washington, D.C., on September 18, 2019.

Dr. Christiane Hamacher, CEO of Biocon Biologics, was a Keynote speaker at the summit. She highlighted how Biocon Biologics, a subsidiary of Biocon Ltd, can be an enabling partner for the U.S. to address the grave threat of spiralling healthcare costs for chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes by expanding access to high quality, yet affordable, biosimilars.

chSpeaking on the topic ‘Biosimilars: Paving the Way for Affordable Diabetes and Cancer Care in the US,’ Dr. Hamacher said, “Access and affordability are the two pivotal points around which health economics revolves. The world, including the US, needs innovative and affordable solutions to deliver on the promise of a fundamental ‘Right to Healthcare.’ Biocon Biologics can be an enabling partner for the US to address the grave threat of spiralling healthcare costs for chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes by expanding access to high quality, yet affordable, biosimilars. We have enabled patients across many countries to effectively manage their diabetes at a fraction of the price they pay for originator drugs. As one of the leading insulins players in the world, Biocon is keen to address the unmet patient needs of people with diabetes in the US as well.”

Biocon Biologics is already making a difference to the lives of cancer patients in the US through it biosimilar Pegfilgrastim, which was commercialized by its partner Mylan under the brand name Fulphila in the U.S. Fulphila is the first biosimilar Pegfilgrastim to be approved and commercialized in the country. Along with its partner, Biocon is the first to receive U.S. FDA approval for biosimilar Trastuzumab.

Biocon Biologics is also keen to make an impact in the area of diabetes in the U.S. by enabling access to its portfolio of affordable yet high quality insulins.

The company, through its biosimilars portfolio, is committed to serve the needs of patients, people & partners by providing innovative affordable healthcare solutions going beyond the product.

In addition to Dr. Hamacher, other keynote speakers at the summit included Congressmen Michael Bost and Michael Guest; Natasha Srdoc and Joel Anand Samy, co-founders, International Leaders Summit; Ambassador Amit Kumar, deputy chief of mission, Embassy of India in Washington D.C.; Stephen Renna, chief banking officer, EXIM; Virginia’s State Senator Richard H. Black; Beth Saunders, president, Sanford Saunders Enterprises LLC; Dr. Sampat Shivangi and Dr. Suresh Reddy American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin; Dr. Smita Siddhanti, president, TiE Washington, DC; Dr. Derek Scissors, resident scholar, American Enterprise Institute; Joseph Brodecki, principal partner, Washington, D.C.-based Bernstein Global Wealth Management Group.

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