Words are never enough to explain / are always scarce in providing the fulfillment of the word ‘Mother’.

MOTHER = Miraculous Outstanding Tangible Harmonious Earthly Real

 Every Mother is :

Pure form of Patience

Soul of Sacrifice

Symbol of selfless love

Alluring hearted

Mother is the one, who is the specialised in all professions for her kids.

She is Our First Teacher,

She is Our Doctor when we fell ill,

She is Our Lawyer to make our decisions win at home

She is Our Collector /Administrator in making the house organised

She is Our Chief Chef in cooking us all the time

She is Ocean of Love for us

She is Sky of protection for us

She is Shade of tree for us

She is earth of patience for us

She is Cloud who showers rain of happiness for us

She is fire of truth for us

The one whom we can trust till the end

The one with whom we can share n we care ever

The one diamond in each and every home

The significant strength in all of us.

AMMA’ is the word we get in every real happiness, real sadness!

when we are filled with Joy / when sorrow fill us. The word itself is the Panacea in different situations as per the requirement.

She is the water, when we are thirst, she is the food , when we are hunger.

She is the one,

Who can cure our ill ness with a single touch

Who rolls out tears for our pain

Who can blossom our smile with her smile

Who makes our happiness as her happiness

Nothing can designate, up to what extent she stretches herself, for the sake of her children’s happiness!

Somethings are to be felt, somethings are to be told, somethings are to be explained, somethings are to be seen.

Motherhood can only be understood, with all the means of possibilities to the extent possible, beyond the expectations.

Motherhood is the one which,

Even all the poems cannot fulfil the feel

Even all the phrases of prose cannot fulfil the tinge

Even all the existing words cannot be sufficient to explain

Even all the riches cannot buy that one

Telugu :

Orpu athiga nundu,

Odarchu gunamundu,

Dharani pai velasina daivam meeru

Premapasam ki prathiroopam meeru

Nee runam theerchukolemu,

Janmanichhina thalli, niku jayamu jayamu.

I had felt that auspicious and unexplainable happiness in each and every step that she lead me, to where I am today. She is my inspiration in working all the times for making the loved one happy ever. She is my inspiration in working 24*7, with all the selfless love.

My best moment :

The School Day of My 10th Std. (23rd Jan 2004) , where I got 10+ PRIZES in various competitions, and all praised my mother on that day, calling her on to the stage and showing her as the exemplary to all other parents, as the special one. That Day, when my Mom told me that she was &  is ultimate happy for having me as her child ! who actually made this clay into the bright pot of ethical, human values & education.

I learned, l am learning, I will keep on learning from my mother.

I owe to her through-out my life which is never ever suffice to pay her back. How much ever I give her back it is less than 1% of the Love and affection she showered on me.

Requesting God to give all the Health, prosperity, and happiness to her all her life.

Whole hearted SALUTE to all the MOTHERS in this world, who are great already being Mothers.

Askar Surisetty, works as and Senior Executive, in Supply Chain Management department at Biocon, Vizag

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