I felt weak in my knees,

Somebody Call my mother please…

It has blackened out in my eyes,

I was then immature and little less wise…

I want to tell you a story,

Story that has my mother and me,

A couple of more characters for you all to see

It was my college days, am talking about

Ammi you know, how much I missed the house…


Ammi with me (3)
Imran Sheikh with his mother!

My friend and me were once out fagging,

Who likes elderly sermons and nagging?

Nobody in the house knew, that we ever smoked,

There near the cigarette stall,

Me found, two nigger folks

They said that they need some money,

One of them said, buy my cigarette, all honey!!!

The cigarette were different, a little white and blue,

What instore, for me?  I then barely knew,

We bought just two, and just single fag of it, our mind blew

I later remembered nothing,

Like I said, it’s all blackened out

Eyes only opened in the hospital,

With family looking at us with doubt…

That night, all our money was stolen,

Yes!!! Those niggers robbed us of money…

However, I knew with Ammi my side things would be sort,

My father very strict! Of course my mischief he won’t stand,

Ammi shielded me well and the things were mend…

Dad still knows nothing, Ammi sorted it all

I promised her, I won’t smoke any more…

…That’s how I quit smoking…

Poem By: Imran Sheikh is working as a Senior Executive in the Fill Finish Division of Biocon


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