International Women’s Day is a worldwide event that celebrates women’s achievements – from the political to the social – while calling for gender equality. It has been observed since the early 1900s and is now recognized each year on March 8. It is not affiliated with any one group, but brings together governments, women’s organisations, corporations and charities.

Biocon’ s emphasizes on encouraging Women Employees to pursue their dreams.

Biocon believes in giving equal opportunity to women & has several women friendly polices to ensure they feel comfortable in their work place. Maternity Leaves policy & other employee friendly policies allow women to easily return to work after a long break.

Here are a few Testimonials from Women employees of Biocon, sharing their experiences of working with Biocon.

Shwetha L – EHS

Biocon, being my dream company and Kiran Ma’am being my inspiration, I had a huge aspiration to be a Bioconite since my graduation. Finally my dream came true on Oct 8th, 2015 when I received the call from Human Resources confirming my joining date. I was on cloud nine that day. I am a part of the EHS department, where Biocon has given me the space to be a wonder women by providing me with the opportunity to educate myself in all the topics I am interested in. I have been involved in research activities & trials showcasing environment friendly nature of our industry, being a safety guide to visitors, coordinating & hosting for various events like National Safety day, World Environment day, World Water day, Chemical Disaster Prevention week, Kannada Rajyotsava celebration, along with active participation in sports and many other activities. The department has provided me with equal status, opportunity and exposure to the new initiatives alike men. In every aspect of my life in Biocon, there is constant encouragement & support for all the initiatives I have taken up.

Additionally, I am really grateful to Biocon for their support and warmth during my pregnancy. My Boss and my co-employees were extremely helpful towards me during this phase. I was treated with consideration during this time. This instantly made me even more comfortable and definitely made me feel that a woman can contribute to any extent in any sort of situation and pregnancy is not a barrier for career-oriented women.


Several  initiatives  for women like self-defence workshop, Biowin and the flexibility in work after my maternity leave boosted my confidence level to build a strong career.

I am very much excited to forsee  my career with Biocon in future.

Biocon is a place where one can explore, excel, enjoy, learn, earn and live the career life to the fullest extent. Biocon is  an unique company that gives space and freedom to each & every employee to BE An ICON.

Biocon is a leading example of organizations that value women and proves that they are irreplaceable.

The difference lies in our DNA I am proud to be a woman Bioconite.

Tahseen Rana Abdul Hakee, Insulins

With the rising sun of 1st Jan 2014, I stepped into Biocon, and since then, it has become my second home. During  this 4 year journey, I have got equal opportunities for growth and development with a balanced personal life. Biocon team has helped me in maintaining  my personal and professional life balance. In this 4 years journey, I’ve got married and was blessed with a baby, and the Biocon team was extremely supportive in this phase too.


Along with opportunities, it’s really heart-warming and motivating when your efforts are timely recognized by your peers, managers and senior leadership teams. Biocon has successfully maintained a culture of values and behaviours, where work ethics are cherished and efforts are celebrated. It’s not only #womensupportwomen culture but #mensupportwomen culture too. This culture has shaped me professionally and personally.

Meghali Guha, Biocon Academy

This journey of “work –life” had started two years back in January 2016, when I carried a bag full of clothes and unknown apprehensions and moved to Biocon, Bangalore. Till then, a lot of friends, peers complained of the work life, the work pressure and how it is never “good enough”. Inspite of a lot “gyaan” that I received on how not to be too goody-good; I wanted to have my own journey and my own learnings – so I cleaned the slate of all the free advises that I was given and started afresh.


I had learnt that if the work is of your choice then it will never feel like a “work” and it will be a pleasure to perform your assigned duties. And on joining Biocon, I realised that, not only I enjoy the work, but I love my workplace as well. As time passed work load increased and so did my challenges and also my enjoyment at work. Looking back, there was never a day or never is when I don’t feel like coming to work. In instances of illness and sickness too, I feel like coming back to work because this feels like home. My team that I work with and the culture here, gives a vibe of positivity and warmth. Work has never felt undo-able because of where I work and with whom I work.

Even after a long holiday, spending festival at home and managing what I call a ‘home-lag’ – work forever seems inviting and enticing. The support systems, my ever-encouraging boss, her infectious smile, the happy faces of my co-workers and the positive ambiance here, makes me come out to office on every Monday Morning! Although, my Monday blues are pretty much there but those blues are quickly taken over when I see my team, my desk and my work place. This is my happy place, and no matter what day it is, or how bad the day is, I always feel like coming back here!

Suchitra Kuppuswamy, HRD

Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyar quoted “ World will prosper in knowledge and intellect, if both men & women are deemed equal”

Biocon as a company, plays an important role in reaching gender equality and we have experienced inclusive and diverse workforce.


If you want to experience the same and make a difference then, be a part of Biocon!

Sreyashi Dev, Insulins

It was just about 2 years ago, I joined Biocon as a program manager with anxious andexcited emotions, embarking on a journey with Biocon. I had my fair share of trepidations in a new work culture, a new city, and new people. I had heard of terms like ‘work-life balance’, and thoughts prevailed as to how was I supposed to juggle myself through this.  Over time, my team expanded and the ratio of women grew. It is with these very women, who have not just been colleagues, but also an encouragement and role model to fight my troubled thoughts and ‘live each day like there is no tomorrow’.


Potluri Sushmitha, Quality

After Working with an MNC For 10 +years, I finally decided to move & work with Biocon. After joining here (19/09/2016), the difference I felt for woman employees was extraordinary.

As I shifted to Bangalore with my daughter, I received immense support from the HR in terms of availing SFS Day-care facility for my daughter who happens be elder than the age limit for day-care. To support her in a new city & a new Language, I visited her for 3 days for which I was completely supported by my manager.

Biocon is the only industrial Pharma Company that provides employment to women for all posts be it QA or Production & there is no differentiation in appraisal.

I am very much happy to share that I have received team work and leadership award as part of R&R programme in Quality, which indicates the appreciation of employees regardless of gender.


I felt very happy to see that company celebrated breast cancer awareness month and I was also part of that.  After sharing my photo on Facebook, many of my friends and relatives asked for the reason and all were surprised to know that a company is allowing employees to take photos and post on social sites.

In biocon we can observe that woman who joined in junior roles/analyst roles later became the HOD’s, which shows that there is no partiality towards women. Real talent gets appreciation here.

One great thing that I have observed here is providing women employees with a maternity leaves of 52 weeks. I am glad to see that even HOD’s don’t object to it or show any partiality in appraisals.

Here, as women we are free from harassment, gossips and are really happy for working with Biocon, a great company lead by a great lady.

Neha P Sablok, Marketing

My Journey with Biocon, started way back in Jan’2007 and it has been one of the best journey’s in my life till date.

Biocon and its people and its culture never made me feel that I am new to the organization. They have always given the freedom and liberty to come up with new ideas and also imparted security by all means.


At the age of 24-25 yrs – I was made the Region Head for North India Sales and given responsibility to handle 100 Cr Business and later Region Head for Mumbai handling 200 Cr. of API Business. There is no Gender differences @ Biocon and they have always empowered the right talent irrespective of the gender. This is what makes me feel really proud to be part of this Organization!!!

Prithi Reddy K, Quality

I would like to start this with famous saying:

“If you educate a man you educate an individual, but if you educate women you educate a family (nation).”

The role of women in our society has been drastically changing. Women are making tremendous contribution in all sectors. Men are no longer considered as the only bread earner of the house. Now women also financially support their family. Though the number of working women is increasing day by day but still there are certain barriers they have to overcome to prove themselves beneficial for the job market.

The main aspect which inspire other women to look at BIOCON as an employer of choice is undoubtedly KIRAN MAZUMDAR SHAW MAM chairperson and managing director of BIOCON Limited

She is an inspiring women who founded biopharma firm BIOCON in 1978. She is a role model to many. She proved that women can make it to the top if they believe in themselves.


As women, we have special qualities such as compassion, sensitivity and an inner strength of honesty and untiring commitment. With the right mix of skill, experience and resourcefulness, being at the helm can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Women are good team players and female bosses often make good democratic leaders.

Knowledge does not have a gender divide – women scientists, women engineers, women writers have enormous opportunities to excel and succeed.

BIOCON has adopted a zero-tolerance attitude towards sexual misconduct and has put strict preventive measures in place. BIOCON strengthened employee policy on prevention against sexual harassment by introducing a mandatory annual e-training which prepares them for handling such situations for themselves or for other colleagues.

The objective should be to provide the support women need when family pressures tend to wean them away from the workplace. I believe these measures are critical to nurture women in the modern workplace. This is one of the most important factors which are needed to be taken care of well by the employers. BIOCON besides, providing safe cab facility ensures that women employees do not work late hours. If in case she needs to stay back to complete work, the office authority takes extra care of her security and safety.

Sufficient maternity leaves and day care conveniences for working moms is something that helps BIOCON create a better work environment for ladies, Biocon has several women friendly Initiatives like Biowin where women employees can freely share their workplace problems.

My advice to women in the modern workplace: Always look ahead and try to spot opportunities. Also, understand the challenges that come with them, and set clear objectives for yourself. Next, lay out how to work towards them and then focus on execution. It is imperative that you set high standards, even beyond what you may think is possible. And, when you achieve those, you realise that you can actually go even further. Remember that the ceiling is, after all, made of glass and many of you do have the capability to break it.

Bindu Ajit, Biocon Academy

I had been for a one week holiday to India’s most famous holiday destination – Goa with the most important people of my life – my husband and my daughter. It was nothing but fun, frolic and relaxation. Every good thing has to come to an end and our holiday ended too.

The Monday morning came and I had to get back to work. As I got down at my stop and was walking towards my building I had a smile on my face – I love my work and my team and my boss. I was happy to be back and get into my work.


If after such a great holiday you are able to come to work with a smile it has to be a great company and a great role! My role gives me job satisfaction and the much needed freedom to take decisions.

Thank you Kiran…Thank you Biocon..

Seema Ahuja, Corporate Communications

Provides Human Connect!

Biocon offers a unique work environment which is process driven yet has the sensibilities of human relations. I think this kind of human connect sometimes goes missing in large size manufacturing based organizations, but I think at Biocon we have retained the human connect and the agility of a start-up culture despite having scaled up to a large size enterprise. I think this is largely because of a woman at the helm!! More power to our CMD, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw.


I am Empowered!

Having spent nearly two decades in the pharma communication industry my move to Bangalore in 2012 was triggered by the opportunity provided by Biocon. I looked at it as a continuation of my learning curve and was extremely excited to look at the Biotech world from close quarters.

Since then it has become a second home for me. I spend most of my time at work and still love to get back to office every morning! Biocon offers you new challenges everyday but also empowers you to manage them in your own way. It’s a Great Place to work that offers an open culture of discussions and debates! With 15% of women in workforce it demonstrates the gender agnostic work culture. Biocon is a favorite destination for young aspiring professionals who want to be a part of this great organization led by the most inspirational leader of our times, Kiran Mazumdar- Shaw.

Dola Mukherjee, HRD

It has been a wonderful experience of personal beliefs and values beautifully blending with the Organizational values. I grew up hearing Kiran Mazumdar Shaw’s awe-inspiring stories and then it was time for me to experience it. She has been an inspiration for many and have touched lives of thousands of women. Over the last 6 years of my career with Biocon, it has never been a dull moment. I have had my share of failures, successes, joys and sorrows but in a way of beautiful sense of inclusiveness. Supported by colleagues, managers and teams where I always felt ‘respected’ for the person I am and not for being a ‘woman’ with some sense of leniency …! I often stepped forward to tell women around me to stop justifying the necessity to multi-task and glorify oneself for play both roles – that of a mother a full-time working professional.


I truly believe that if women are one-half of the world’s population they deserve equal access to health, education, economic participation and earning potential, and political decision-making power. Testimony of that started for me as a child where my Parents never differentiated for me being a girl child and later in life from my Spouse or extended family. This continues to be so in Biocon where I have never felt differentiated. Supported by Culture, Leadership, Policies and Process , as an employee have always had an opportunity to share my concerns if I ever felt so. This I think is the underpinning factor to being a meritocracy and performance-driven organization that Biocon stands for today.

Happy women’s day to everyone!


On International Women’s Day, Biocon salutes the indomitable spirit of it’s Wonder Women who are focused and strong and dare not just to dream but also have the grit & perseverance to achieve those dreams! Without the support of these women Biocon would not be a leader as we know of it today! Cheers to all Women Bioconites!!! 

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