By Arshad Jamil, General Manager, IPR, Biocon.

Biocon, Asia’s premier R&D led biotech organization has consistently created intellectual wealth through an incisive intellectual property strategy that recognises the innovative potential of our products and processes. We have filed over 1,250 patent applications and hold around 990 patents and 460 registered trademarks globally. This number is only expected to increase as our exciting novel molecules pipeline advances from the bench to the bedside in the coming years.

The Importance of IP

Biocon is involved in high quality research with its ongoing programs for development of novel molecules and possesses high valued patents for its novel’s portfolio and programs. The R&D expenses for any Biotech company runs high, and thus it becomes important to protect the invention of the novel molecules, its mechanism of action, formulations and new clinical studies conducted to establish the safety & efficacy for various indications for treatment.

Similarly, for Generics and Biosimilars verticals of the company when we have strong invalidation and/or non-infringement basis, then we file our Para IV certifications for ANDAs and strategize for Biosimilar filings.

Biocon: Spearheading IP Creation

As Asia’s premier biopharmaceutical company which provides high quality and affordable novel biologics and biosimilars to patients in India and other emerging markets, IP is very crucial for an innovator biopharmaceutical company like Biocon. We follow a robust process to protect Biocon’s IP. We strengthen our IP portfolio by filing all possible patent applications for innovations covering product, process of preparation, formulation, route of administration, various indications etc. in potential jurisdictions. We strictly protect other IPs including brand names, designs and copyrightable matters to competitive advantage. Further, regular IP sessions are conducted for new-joiners and R&D scientists to create IP awareness and culture.

Biocon is involved in diversified research to manufacture advanced life-saving biopharmaceuticals for diabetes, various cancers, autoimmune disorders, cardiovascular diseases and renal disorders etc. We have 17 Patent Families comprising of 44 International and 3 Indian Patents. We have nearly 1250 patents applications and 990 granted patents for various novels, biologics, and process for small and large molecules. IP portfolio is varied and we maintain it diligently across the jurisdictions as per our business requirements and needs. Similarly, Biocon owns nearly 820 trademarks which brings a high value to its IP wealth and global recognition. Some of its marks like “Biocon”, “Insugen”, “Insupen”, “Basalog” are registered and recognised globally.

Evolving IP Environment

Though IP is not a new concept at Biocon but with increasing globalization the company has observed an exponential growth in IP culture. In most of the developed, emerging and ROW countries, the IP system has been put in place. To comply with evolving international IP system, Biocon adopts advanced IP databases and strictly monitors its own IP activity as well as competitors. Biocon provides its inputs for various national level IP laws and policies.  As part of daily curriculum, Biocon’s IPR team discusses the IP case laws and recent & relevant lawsuits extensively, moreover team is also interacting with various IP lawyers across the globe. Biocon’s IPR team is updated and well versed with the IP scenarios and developments worldwide.

Global Recognition

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Recently, Biocon got a place in the prestigious Asia IP Elite forum in 2016.  We feel honoured and encouraged as we are the only Indian Biopharma Company to get the prestigious international recognition. Awards and recognition always motivates the team to work hard and this international recognition enhanced the spirit of IP team in Biocon. Indeed it is a proud moment for all of us to be a part of Asia IP Elite. Asia IP Elite now comprises of 62 most influential companies recognized for their excellence in IP and best in-class in-house IP functions.

Our team has also won the ‘Best In-house IP Team of the Year’ Award at the Global IP conclave held in 2015 and the Pharmexcil Gold Patent Award 2014‑15 in the Biotech category for filing the highest number of patents.

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